What is the Secret of Obed-Edom?

By Daniel King

          The story of Obed-Edom is one of the greatest undiscovered stories in the Bible. Your destiny will never be the same if you apply his secret to your life. At the beginning of his story, Obed-Edom is a nobody; he simply lived in a house beside the road to Jerusalem. By chance, the Ark of the Covenant, which contained the literal presence of God, was left in his house.

            Let's read what happened. "The Lord blessed his household and everything he had" (1 Chron. 13:13). When you invite God's presence to dwell in your house, you can expect God's blessing too.

            Of all the people in Israel God could have blessed, it is very surprising He chose to bless Obed-Edom. His first name "Obed" means "slave." His second name "Edom" means he was an Edomite, known to be an enemy of Israel. On top of these negative labels, the Bible tells us he was from the city of Gath, the city of King David's greatest enemy, Golieth.

            Just like Obed-Edom, you may have been negatively stereotyped or come from a unsavory past, but it does not matter who you are, or where you are from, or what your past is like, when God comes to live in your house, you are going to be blessed! 

            After three months, King David heard about how blessed Obed-Edom was and he came to get the ark. Obed-Edom's story could have ended there. But, guess what? His story is not finished yet. He is mentioned seven more times in the Bible and each time he has been promoted. Let's take a look at his amazing journey.

The Gatekeeper

            Obed-edom became so addicted to the presence of God that he decided to follow the ark to Jerusalem. He was standing around the temple area one day and he heard the priests were looking for volunteers to be gatekeepers in the house of God. Obed-Edom volunteered for the postion and he became the best gatekeeper in the temple. Because God had blessed his house, he decided to be a blessing to God's house. Today, we call our "gatekeepers" either "ushers" or "greeters." There is a place for every believer to serve in their local church.

The Harp Player

            Obed-Edom heard the temple worship group was holding auditions. He remembered that when he was just a little boy, his mother had forced him to take harp lessons. In the list of temple musicians we find three people who are chosen to sound the bronze cymbals, several others whose names are to difficult to pronounce were to play the electric guitars (Do you know why my version says "electric guitars?" Because I am reading from the Amplified). Then, we find Obed-Edom playing the harp.

            Of all the harp players in Israel, Obed-Edom may not have been the most talented, but God is not necessarily looking for the most talented, he is looking for someone who is willing. God does not call the equipped, he equips those whom He calls. It is not your ability that impresses God, but your availability. It is not your aptitude, but your attitude. God does not care about your IQ, He cares about your I WILL. God is looking for those who are willing to be used.

The Door Keeper

            Later, Obed-Edom is a doorkeeper for the Ark, standing right in front of the holy place. We see him getting closer, and closer, and closer to the presence of God. This is what God wants to do for you, He wants to bring you closer, and closer to His presence.  

The Minister

            King David appointed Obed-Edom to be a minister in the house of God. But his ministry did not begin when King David put him in this position. Obed-Edom's ministry began all the way back when he was a gatekeeper. I think he stood by the temple gates and ministered to all the people who came to worship God.

            God has called every believer to be a minister. God brought you through tests, so you would have a testimony. God rescued you from a mess, so you could have a message. God brought you through the fire so you could be on fire for Him. Never wait for your pastor to appoint you to an official position as a minister, begin ministering to those around you who are in need.  

The Leader

            Soon, we see Obed-Edom has sixty-eight associates who work for him. He has become a leader in the house of God. But his leadership began with his servanthood.

            Obed-Edom was promoted because of his faithfulness. I have been privileged to meet some of the greatest ministers of our time, and each one has a story of starting out in ministry by cleaning the church toilets, or straightening chairs. If you are faithful with little things, God will eventually entrust you with many things.

            In my life, I have seen this principle at work. Today, I regularly preach to crowds of 50,000 or more people, but that is not how I got started in ministry. I started in ministry by doing dramas for the children of Mexico. But, the messages I used to preach to 50 children, now I preach to 50,000 people.  

The Family Legacy

            Obed-Edom came from a horrible family background. His name means "slave" and "enemy of Israel." But, all his children and grandchildren eventually serve with him in the house of God. The names of his children mean "Heard by Jehovah," "Given of God," "Healed by God," and other great meanings. Obed-Edom reversed the curse over his family.

            God wants to do the same for your family. Because of your faithfulness to serve God you are building a family legacy that will continue to be a blessing for generations to come.

Temple Treasurer

            The last time Obed-Edom is mentioned, he is the keeper of the Temple Treasury. King David entrusted him with gold worth 2.5 billion dollars. This is the last stage of spiritual promotion, when God gives you stewardship over great wealth.

            Obed-Edom begins life as a slave, but God's presence enters his home. Along with God's presence comes God's blessings. Because God blesses his house, he starts to bless God's house. Obed-Edom is promoted from gatekeeper, to harp player, to minister, to leader, to temple treasurer. His entire family serves God because of his example. What was the Secret of Obed-Edom? He was faithful to serve God in every capacity he could find.

            As you apply "The Secret of Obed-Edom" to your life, you will be promoted too! Your story is not finished yet!

Daniel King is a missionary evangelist who has ministered in over 50 nations. His goal is to lead 1,000,000 people to Jesus every year. "The Secret of Obed-Edom" can be found in your local bookstore, on Amazon.com, or at www.kingministries.com.