"The Secret of Obed-Edom" is one of the greatest undiscovered stories in the Bible. Over 4,000 years ago there was a man who was blessed by God. He began life as a slave and ended life in charge of wealth beyond his wildest dreams. What was the secret of his success?

Who was Obed-Edom? Why was he blessed? How can YOU activate his secret in YOUR life?  This book was written in order to reveal how you can activate the blessing of Obed-Edom in YOUR life.

In  "The Secret of Obed-Edom" you will learn:

- How you can be addicted to God's presence

- How God's presence can help you live a holy life.

- Seven stages of your spiritual promotion!

- How servanthood prepares you for leadership!

- The #1 secret to your family serving Jesus!

- How to release unprecendented wealth into your life.

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