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What are People Saying?

“You can rise into a new dimension of victory and prosperity by applying what is written in this book.” - Billy Joe Daugherty, Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, OK

“Obed-edom is a powerful message that impacted people’s lives in my church in the areas of servanthood, faithfulness, commitment, and not giving up…people were inspired to go after the things of God.” - Dr. Phillip Goudeaux, Calvary Christian Center, Sacramento, CA

“Your revelatory message of the story of Obed-Edom and the way God will promote everyone despite your background, your past and/or occupation as long as our hearts are in tune with His, was awe-inspiring and touched our spirits immensely.” - Trumpet Call Ministries, Montego Bay, Jamaica

“I was impressed how Obed-edom’s entire family was promoted along with him…WOW! All his children and grandchildren served God because of his example.” - Sue Horst, mother of seven children

“This book should be read by everyone. Required reading for anyone who is depressed, discouraged, or disillusioned with life.” - Dr. Larry Ollison, Walk on the Water Faith Church, Osage Beach, MO

“Daniel King did an outstanding job encouraging our people to get involved with his message on Obed-edom." - Dr. Bracken Christian - Family Harvest - Lubbock, TX

“The Secret of Obed-edom is a profound book. Every leader needs it. Every born-again believer needs it. Anybody who is trying to go further then where they are right now needs this book. You really need this book.” - Bishop Larry Smith, Abundant Faith World Ministries, Memphis, Tennessee

“Daniel was a complete blessing to our church family. His teaching on Obed-Edom is the best I have ever heard. The response from our people was awesome.” - Pastor Dominic Russo, Oakland Christian Church, Oakland Township, MI

“Daniel, we’ve had so many comments from people in the congregation and how much they really appreciate you and your message on Obed-edom. You impacted their lives!” - Pastor Kenneth Leleux, Glorious Church Worship Center, New Iberia, Louisiana

“I really believe that Daniel King’s message on Obed-edom will bring our whole church up another level.” - Pastor Travis Burke, New Life International Outreach Center, Tallahassee, Florida

"I like the part of his children being blessed. He left a heritage or a legacy behind him. The riches and blessings are great, but how much greater is the heritage that goes on generation after generation." - Andrew Rohde

"This story reveals how the anointing destroys yolks and removes burdens. This is a story of encouragement and true love and commitment." - Mariada Gobert

"This message on Obed-edom touched my heart and inspired me to greater heights in seeking the Heart of God and to receive that blessing in my home and ministry, because 'my story is not finished yet!'" - Lynette Hiatt-Frink

"I believe the secret of Obed-Edom is for Christ’s church today. As it is time for every believer to take their place in God’s kingdom and it’ll help people to overcome unforgiveness from their backgrounds." -Dave and Laurie Ragland

"Everytime we hear Daniel preach Obed-Edom we are blessed. It is an amazing story of the importance of servanthood and being addicted to the presence of God. This book will bless you beyond your imagination." - Matt & Alyssa Shull