Miracle Festivals
Lead Thousands to Christ


Our goal is to lead 1,000,000 souls to Jesus every year!

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Due to the spiritual revival in many developing nations, crusades are one of the single most effective tools of evangelism.

At each of our crusades:
· We are believing for more than 50,000 people to attend each night.
· Thousands of souls will be saved!
· Miracles will prove that Jesus is still alive.
· Local churches will provide thousands of counselors to disciple new believers.


Leadership Training
Equips Pastors for Church Growth

Our Goal is to Promote Long-Term Church Growth by Training Leaders!

During each of our crusades, we endeavor to impact each level of society in our target city with leadership conferences.

Pastor's Fire Conference:
Every pastor is blessed and encouraged as they receive an impartation from the Spirit.

Businessmen's Meeting:
Christian businessmen share Biblical principles for accumulating wealth with the movers and shakers of the business world.

Children's Fiesta:
Feliz and Gozo, the Clowns for Christ, minister in this special service for the leaders of tomorrow.

Women's Luncheon:
Anointed woman impart timely wisdom and fun fashion tips.

Youth Concerts:
Over 50% of the world is under the age of 20. In order to lead a nation to Christ, we must reach the young people through methods which are relevant.

Your gift of $1,000 helps us train 1,000 leaders.
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Literature Distribution
Transforms Converts into Disciples
God said to "make disciples" not just "make converts."

One of the most common criticisms of crusade evangelism is in the area of turning new believers into solid Christians. Daniel King's answer to this problem is two-pronged:

First, we work closely with local churches in order to get each new believer "plugged-in" to regular fellowship.

Second, we print and distribute thousands of pieces of literature to new believers at each crusade. For your gift of $30 we can print 100 books. For a gift of $300 we can print 1,000 books. For a gift of $3,000 you can be responsible for discipling 10,000 new believers.

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Humanitarian Relief
Feeds the Hungry

Around the world, people live in abject poverty. Children starve. Masses die from lack of medicine. Fresh water is unavailable. Food is scarce. Orphans struggle for existence. We cannot preach the Gospel without demonstrating the love of Jesus in practical ways.

Our goal is to bring practical relief to the poorest nations of the world. In addition to preaching, we provide food for hungry bellies and love for empty hearts.

* Tons of food have been given away in Africa, and in Central and South America.

* Over 100,000 Christmas presents have been shared, free of charge, with the poorest of the poor in Juarez, Mexico.

Your giving makes it possible to genuinely touch lives.
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