What is God's Will for My Life?

What is God’s will for your life? Why are you here on earth? How will you reach your destiny? In this powerful teaching series, Daniel King reveals a simple way for you to find God’s plan for your life.

You will learn:
How to Discover God's Will
The Difference Between “Sitters” and “Movers”
Your Success is Motion Activated
God Celebrates Your Choices
Your Miracle is in Your Movement

After reading Daniel's profound yet easy-to-understand book, you will stop sitting around anxiously wondering what God want you to do and begin to move with confidence toward your future.

When You Move, God Moves!

Move Book

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Move Videos

Does God's Word Reveal God's Will?

Are You Sitting Still or Moving Toward God's Will for Your Life?

Should We Wait for God or Begin to Move?

What is the Difference Between the General Will of God and the Specific Will of God?

Are You Scared of Making Mistakes?

Will God Give Me Specific Directions for My Life?

What Should I Do If I Make a Mistake?

God Celebrates Your Choices

How Should I Make Decisions?

Who Controls My Destiny?

Am I Waiting on God or is God Waiting on Me?

What is "Guidence by Prohibition?"

How Do I Decide Who to Marry?

How is My Success Motion Activated?

How Does God Direct My Steps?

What are Important Questions to Ask When Making a Decision?


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